Transfer to Zaandaam, Netherlands

April 30

I am indeed getting transferred this week to Zaandaam. I dont know where it is but I guess we go to the ward in Amsterdam. I will be also be training a new missionary, which is pretty cool. I haven't done that yet. We are going to be totally lost for the next couple weeks. But it will be exciting. 
I will be missing the worlds best chocolate, it is actually the best. The fries are pretty good as well, but dutch fries are not really any worse. But I do get fresh milk again instead of boxed milk. And stroopwafels. And I will have to eat herring with my greenie. Also it will be cool to explore Amsterdam. Hopefully we will not run into the red light district. 
We did a lot of service this week. It was tiring. But I got some chocolate milk afterwards and it was super good. ​

April 24 This is what it's all about

April 24

This week seems to have felt a lot longer than it actually was. It was pretty stressful with the closing of the branch and everything. We also had interviews this week and a baptismal service and it was very taxing mentally. 

Last Monday we played baseball with a member. It was a lot of fun. He is Dutch, but loves baseball. Today for p day we had a zone pday and all met up in a park in Antwerpen and had a barbecue and played some voetbal. My comp and I grilled some ribs. They were good, but European meat is definitely different than American meat. I miss some good old Sweet Baby Rays.

Interviews were good as always. President Bunnell is my friend. 

On Friday, we had a baptism for a couple friends. We are both family of a member here who did a great job at using his influence to introduce his family members to the gospel. One of them is his young son, so I suppose it was a little easier in his case. But he did ask his father personally if he could be baptized to initiate the proce…

April 17 Keukenhof tulips and more

April 17
We had a crazy week. On Monday we went to the theme park and had a lot of fun. On Tuesday, my comp was sick so we did a lot of phone calls and looked up a few people that were not too far from our apartment. We had a barbecue that evening and were able to meet some non member family of a member and spend some time with our investigators getting them ready for baptism. 

Wednesday we mowed a neglected lawn and had a great lunch which is typical for Europe...sandwiches! They don't put very much in their sandwiches here. Usually just a little butter and a piece of meat or cheese. They don't
 often put meat and cheese at the same time. But the bread is fresh and delicious and the sandwiches are warm and satisfying. We then traveled to the other end of our area for a dinner appointment. We had tacos. Also delicious.
On Thursday we had our yearly trip to Keukenhof. We had to get up at 4:00 to make it on time. I got to see some people from my MTC group that I have not seen sinc…
April 10

This week was a pretty good one. The carnival came to our town and is camped just up the street, so we have to walk right through it to get anywhere. It is nuts. I should be gone by Wednesday, but it is very loud and has a lot of tempting food trucks. I dont know how they can have food trucks with any business when there is a Frituur on almost every street in Belgium.

 I am serious when I write almost every street. A Frituur is a place where you buy fries and all sorts of other deep fried things. They love thier deep fryers. Fries are also relatively cheap. You can get enough to fill you up for 3 euro easily. Fries are more of a meal here rather than a side. They are not necessarily as good as everybody makes them sound, but they are addicting. By the next day after getting some frites you want more. 

There are plenty of people that we have not gotten contact with yet here, but we are trying. One of these days they will all be home.
We also had a really good week with a couple of…

Brussels and the Manneken Pis

This week was a mix for us. We had a pretty disappointing drop from our most solid investigator. It is not over, but they decided to start investigating elsewhere and make a decision between the two parties.
The good news was that we had some miracles. We took the time to do some centrum contacting while waiting for a bus, and ended up missing the next couple buses because it was working so well. We got information from one man form Suriname, and while we were telling him about the Book of Mormon, another man came out of nowhere and asked if we had the same book in German and gave his address so we could bring it by. We also met a lady from Russia who has the same name and profession as another Russian member here. She wants us to come by sometime. Also, of all places that she has been to in the US, she has visited New York, Phoenix and Sedona.
Another miracle is that we had a couple hours before we needed to get to our next destination, so we took a short bus trip to a dorpje that w…

Starts the Rainy Season

The rainy season here has started. Luckily, the weather here has been fantastically dry compared to last year. We are starting to get a bit wet now. We had pretty good week with one of our most spiritual lessons ever about the gospel of Jesus Christ. As missionaries we often teach it as 5 separate steps, when in reality what we mean to teach is that it is a continuous process. It was super cool.
Last week we went to Ieper, a famous WW1 site. There are some cool trenches there and a lot of people died there. It was pretty land but at the same time, there

was kind of a dismal gloom about the place. It was hard to put a finger on what it actually was, but probably because so many people died.
We also went to a town north of Turnhout to help a family paint their new house. It is a place called Baarle, and parts of the town are Baarle-Hertog which is owned by Belgium and the other parts are Baarle-Nassau which is Dutch. Look it up on the map. Anyways, the border goes through their backya…

A castle in Gent

Jan 30 For PD last week we went back to Gent to see the castle. It was still cool. It actually warmed up a bit this week and is now lingering at about 6 Celsius. That means it rains instead of snows. Today we will be heading to Flanders Fields, a pretty famous WW1 memorial site with trenches and a graveyard and museum. It is quite a trip to get there.
This week we were busy almost all of the time. We had interviews on Tuesday, which were nice. We went on exchanges later that day and I was with Elder Enger in Geel. We went to a lesson later that evening and had a killer joint teach. It was awesome. They also gave us a lift which gave us a chance to eat dinner and spared us the wet 45 minute bike ride. Which was nice.
I have told you about my companion. He is funny and nearing the end of his mission. I am pretty sure that I will finish him off next transfer. But we are getting transfer calls this week so i wont know until next week. I have my camera with me today, don't worry.
We h…